“Business & Technology Needs To Be Shared Over Time!”

“Those That Know Need To Share With The Next Generation”

These are the touchstones of the Emeritus Council

The Emeritus Council is a unique think tank that fulfills two missions:

It helps seasoned business and technology executives share and transfer wisdom to a new generation of emerging entrepreneurs, technologists, and visionaries that can gain from the historical context of those that created the world of today from yesteryear, and can help shape its future.

To apply their vast knowledge and experience to solving today’s challenges from their unique perspective of past successes and failures in more rapidly arriving at solutions without the need for reinvention.

Thoughtful Insights

The Emeritus Council Mission

To generate new ideas in business & technology, encouraging enlightened business vision promoting sound process, policy and program development. Seeking to inform enterprise decision making about new operative processes, technologies, and “out of the box” solutions for enterprise clients in the  United States and worldwide.

The Council publishes research topical reports in several subject areas. All of its publications are researched and written with the goal of ensuring high standards of corporate applicability and instilling improved revenue and value.

The Council primarily works in the United States comprising a membership of senior executives from the broad range of technology, science, and major enterprise organizations. Our members participate in research, client solutions, and in events aimed at transferring vast knowledge to tomorrow’s leaders

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